What is a Bloom Bash?

Tired of the same old get-together or team building experience? Let’s talk about hosting a Bloom Bash! We can elevate your next outing with friends or colleagues into a fun, interactive evening with flowers. We help you choose a theme, create your recipe and we bring all the flowers and supplies to your door. We set up the workspace and give a guided lesson to create your one-of-a-kind design that you and your guests will keep and enjoy!

When should I have a Bloom Bash?

A Bloom Bash is great for all occasions (or no occasion at all)….here are a few examples:

Girls Night Out~ What better excuse to get your best friends together with your favorite snacks and wine while you catch up and get creative!

Birthday Parties~ Flowers are fun for all ages. We can tailor a design and concept to match the theme of the birthday party. From sweet vase arrangements, wrapped bouquets or the beloved flower crown!

Team Building~ We have all experienced the boring office team building activities….but who says they have to be boring? What better way to interact with your colleagues than learning new techniques and creating something together.

Bridal & Baby Showers~ There are two great ways to spin a Bloom Bash when incorporating it into a shower activity. Want to avoid the awkward light conversations? Gather the group for fun activity while you celebrate and chat with the guest of honor about the exciting things to come!

Looking for beautiful flowers for your event? Recruit your family and friends for a memorable gathering where they can help design centerpieces with the guidance of a designer. You can display everyone’s fabulous work following the class at your special event.